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Whole Site Acceleration
Competition is too big nowadays. So you need to attract attention of your customers all possible ways. That means your site becomes bigger and your images and objects can load from several locations with delays.

And it's obvious that sites that are too slow most of all will be penalized by major search engines. And though users have fast broadband internet connections but when a site doesn't serve content fast enough those end-user connections don't help to avoid traffic jams.

A lot of sites still load their files and images from the same location and the same server, video/audio from other servers and other locations, and then various applications and scripts that are also located on other servers. This procedure is quite complicated and can obviously make a website work slower.

In order to make your website to perform its best you need to have your content optimized and to load as fast as possible regardless of the end user location. Preferably, if a user is located in Sydney, your images and files also must be served to him from a server in Sydney. And this idea applies to any location in the world. It will be even better if both the user and that server are directly connected to the same network. Thus your content never has to traverse the public internet. So geographical and network proximity are the two most important factors in how fast a user will see your site.

Though there are also many other factors. Some things are better served from disk and others from RAM. There will be bursts in traffic and there will be quiet times. Our caching platform that is consistently ranked among the fastest in the industry, was built with all of these factors in mind. And that's why our users have super fast websites and can count on us.

Undoubtedly you'll constantly want to make your site's performance perfect. That's why you need deep insight into your users and their experience. You need to know where the users come from, for how long they stay and how well your content performs for them. Also you must know of the errors the users encountered, etc. Specifically for this purpose our site acceleration solutions include access to our analytics suite, that is the best in the industry.

So when everything works like clockwork and your website loads super fast, the search engines love you, your users are totally satisfied and they keep coming back.
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The faster e-commerce website you have, the better search engine rankings you get and that means more clients and thus more profit.

All your dynamic and static content loads as fast as it's only possible.

Our services guarantee crystal-clear, instant-on and high fidelity video and music. No sluttering and interruption.

Our caching platform will deliver your static content at super fast speeds, and with the same speed and reliability as cached content our game-tuned Application Delivery Network will serve your game's dynamic elements.

Our strategically-located SuperPOPs serve your software super fast, and our intelligent DNS and global load balancing will automatically direct end users to download your software from the server the closest to them.

JoDiHost allows you to use any or all of our strategically-located SuperPOPs as broadcast nodes, bringing your live stream to within milliseconds of more than 95% of the world's broadband users.

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