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Privacy Policy

JoDiHost Privacy Policy

In addtion to our Terms and Conditions this document describes how JODIHOST.COM processes your personal data obtained due to your use of our website and/or services. We demand all our clients to be at least 18 years old. We do not deliberately search or gather any personal information or data about people who have not achieved this age.

We recommend to read Privacy Policy in full to guarantee the knowledge of your rights. If you have any questions about Privacy Policy or personal data collection, please contact us via any convenient means.

What do we do with your data?

When you use us as your hosting provider please mind that any video, picture or content on your website that was published and available to you as a user or even not published and unavailable is not considered to be personal data and that’s why is not covered under our Privacy Policy. We just process this data according to your consent that was received by signing Agreement with us.

The obtaining of data.

General navigation on our website. You can get access to some components of our services even without account creation. In this case only your IP address, country of origin and other non-personal information about your computer or device (browser type, search engine, time and date of queries, url, operating system, history of access) may be registered with us among any other information. This is needed to prevent unauthorised use of information and/or content.

Cookie files, metadata and activity on our website

We use cookie files and other anchors and information for storage of your personal info in order for you not to need to provide it again when you access our website for the second and all future times, as well as to provide you with personal content and information, to track the effectiveness of the provision of service for us and to gather such statistics as the number of visitors or number of page views ets. Cookie file is a small element of computer code that will remain on your computer and contain information that will help to identify your search engine. When you access the website as well as applications and program instruments, cookie files check your identity for your id to enter the system. We use the information that was gathered with cookie files to identify your search engine to ensure that the next time you access our website the procedure was faster and more smooth because the website has already stored information about you.

If you don’t want for us to use cookies you can prevent it by simply changing the preferences of your search engine. If you do not allow to use cookie files, some or all websites, or other instruments can be not accessible for you. Sometimes the information that you upload is provided with embedded metadata. If you don’t want us to use metadata you should remove it before you upload information to our website or to our other applications and programs. We can gather the data of your visits, including the access to pages, your actions on our websites, your preferences and program instruments, made purchases and polls/contests you took part in. We can also gather information about your PC, mobile phone and other device, including the type of the device, search engine, location, IP address and words that have been used to perform the search. We can also gather, use, publish or store this information in any way specified in our Privacy Policy.

The use of the account

In order to use many of our services, you will need to create account with us. In order to registrate you with us we will need certain information from your side. We and you should abide by the Data Protection Regulations (i.e. all laws on data processing, including personal data, if they are still in effect and can be used to the information that is provided to us) and General Data Protection Regulations (Regulation EC 2016/679), including any other Regulations that is connected with the processing of the personal data. We guarantee you the integrity of personal data that you have disclosed to us according to this document.

What data do we collect?

If you allow, we will collect and process the following types of the personal data:

Why do we process your data?

We process your data for the following purposes:

If you decide not to provide us with your information we may be unable to provide you with information, program products and services or give you support you may need.

The gathering of personal information from legislative point of view will depend on personal information and the situation they are gathered in.

Usually we take your personal information when we need to:

Sometimes we will be obliged to take your personal data if we need them to protect your important interest or interest of our person.

If we ask you about your personal data or would like to conclude contract with you, we will do this explicitly.

We will have the right to process and use your data if you do not ask us to stop processing it. This can be done by sending request to dp [dog]

We will not disclose your personal information unless it will be demanded by law or trial orders as well as any other legislation in order for our systems to be functioning properly, to protect us and our other users and clients and unless it will be needed according to any other lawful grounds. In this case we will immediately notify you about such circumstances before we process your data according to the applicable laws, if those laws do not forbid such notification.

Minifying of data

We will use any reasonable means to minify the volume of your personal data that we process to the needed level.

We will use all reasonable means to guarantee that your processed data is really needed to achieve goals that are specified by this Privacy Policy.

We can share the data about you with:

We do not disclose your personal data to the third parties with exception to the cases when it goes along with this Privacy policy or is needed by the law.

You agree to give us the right to use gathered personal information to achieve any goals stated in this Privacy Policy.

You can inform us that you want to stop your personal information processing for any of our aims by sending request to dp [dog] If you choose to do so, please mind that we may be unable to provide you with our services further on.

What methods do we use to collect personal data?

We use the following means to collect personal data:

When do we save personal data?

We save personal data when:

What rights do you have?

Regarding your personal data you have the following rights:

Do we guarantee the security of received data?

We do guarantee the security of received data because:

If you find that we have breached Privacy Policy in some kind, you are free to inform us about it in 24 hours time since the problem arised. You will be obliged then to provide us with any information that is needed for us to perform actions required to solve the situation.

You should also guarantee that the access to your personal information will be limited to those persons from your personnel, who really need it to use our services.

Privacy policy of children

We do not deliberately collect information about users below the age of 18, as they are forbidden to use our services. If it became known to you that a child has shared personal information with us, please immediately inform us about that at dp [dog]


If you have received the login and password from your personal cabinet and for the service, it is your responsibility to keep them in safe place. Any person that gets access to those credentials will be able to use service and your personal cabinet from your behalf.

Changes to Privacy Policy

We can change Privacy Policy at any time, so make sure you check this page regularly to monitor the changes.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at dp [dog]

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