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alt_picture! Global reach with no big investments With JoDiHost's help you'll get access to the world's best edge network with no need to build the one and without big investments.
alt_picture! Guaranteed performance and delivery Your applications and content are guaranteed to be delivered by our cutting-edge storage and caching infrastructure.
alt_picture! Totally satisfied customers It doesn't matter where an end user is located for our ultra-fast global delivery. Because content is always delivered from the server that is fastest for each user with our intelligent global load balancing.
alt_picture! Flexible Origin Server Options Store content with JoDiHost or on your own hardware and cache automatically as needed.
alt_picture! Powerful Security Prevent any form of content theft, hotlinking and piracy with robust security features. Deploy custom SSL certificates quickly and easily.
alt_picture! Intelligent Platform In order to get maximum performance small files are served from RAM and large files from disk.
alt_picture! Web Based Control Panel You can log in from anywhere in the world and manage your content with our user-friendly, browser-based Media Control Center.
alt_picture! Massive Scale Don't worry about host capacity and scale quickly to accommodate flash crowds or other surges in demand.
alt_picture! All-day Support You can always rely on our support. Anytime, day-and-night we are ready to help you with any question with all the patience and without delays.
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There are three protocols that facilitate the transfer of files to CDN storage.
Protocol rsync Feature Requirement Description
SFTP Yes An SFTP client can be used to transfer data securely to CDN’s FTP servers using the SFTP protocol (SSH FTP). On Windows, this client may have a user interface through which the user can navigate through his local machine to find the folders and files that should be transferred to CDN storage. On a Linux/Unix environment, a command-line utility (i.e., SFTP) is provided.
rsync Yes The rsync tool, which was designed for use in a Linux/Unix environment, can synchronize data between two machines in a variety of ways. This document will demonstrate how to use this tool to transfer data between the user’s local machine and CDN’s FTP servers.
FTP No Due to the insecure nature of the FTP protocol, user account credentials may be exposed during the FTP authentication process. In turn, this may compromise the integrity of the user’s CDN configuration. For this reason, the use of FTP is strongly discouraged.

Files to CDN storage over the SFTP protocol can be transferred using either a client or the command-line. Though the SFTP protocol can only be used if the rsync feature has been enabled on the customer’s account.

For use in a Linux/Unix environment Rsync, a command-line utility, was designed. Among its many uses, this utility allows the customers to quickly and easily synchronize the content on a local machine to one of CDN’s FTP servers via a shell-like interface.

Once the customer has established a connection to one of the CDN’s FTP servers, he will need to authenticate the session. A session can be authenticated using your MCC password or through the use of an SSH key. An SSH key, which uses public-key cryptography, authenticates the customer’s local machine when it connects via rsync or FTP to one of the CDN’s FTP servers. The use of an SSH key is more secure than user account authentication and it prevents MCC credentials from being exposed during the connection to one of the CDN’s FTP servers.

Try our features with a no commitment test account
Application Delivery Accelerate delivery of web applications and non-static content.
Caching Our delivery and acceleration services will lead you to the world's digital threshold, from complete websites to mobile.
Analytics Full and instant visibility into performance of the content and the user experience.
Download Manager Your files are delivered globally with super-fast speed, intelligence and flexibility.
Security Protect your applications and content from unauthorized use with the powerful security tools.
Edge Optimizer Powered by Google PageSpeed, Edge Optimizer keeps your application's data and logic off of your network.
Streaming We will deliver better than anyone else your Flash, Silverlight, or HTTP – live or on-demand.
Storage It is more than just CDN storage. Security, replication, and caching infrastructures really mean massive scale at ultra-fast rates of speed.
Rules Engine With our powerful tool you have the whole control over when, how and if the content is served and delivered.
Piranha Purge Better caching flexibility, efficiency, and performance with Piranha Purge.

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