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CDN Pricing

Our customers can benefit from our low prices, that depend on the volume of traffic, type of the billing (per Mbps or per Gb), and other options. We work on `pay as you go` model that means no monthly contracts or large upfront usage commitments are required. Customers pay only for actually used traffic and are invoiced monthly based on the transfer in the prior month.

Where do you list CDN Pricing on the website?
When it comes to CDN pricing and contract terms we are absolutely sure that there can't be any standard. So we strive to make our best and to customize JoDiHost's pricing to individual need of each customer.

I need a quote now.
We are always here to provide you the highest performance at the lowest price. So everything you need to do is to tell us your requirements and our experienced technical support will recommend you the optimal CDN solution to deliver any data, anywhere, anytime to the end user with no additional costs.

Will I pay more?
With JoDiHost you can be ensured that you work with one of the world's fastest and most reliable content delivery network at the most loyal prices and viewers of your content are totally satisfied with no extra charge.

How do I get started?
So just contact us and you can get set up almost instantly!

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