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1. Do I have to sign a contract with you on 3/6/12 months?
We work on the "pay as you go" model. No monthly contracts or large upfront usage commitments are required and you only pay for what you use. Accounts are invoiced monthly based on the transfer and storage used in the prior month. Billing occurs once in a month.

2. Do I need to pre-order a certain amount of traffic for the next month?
No, because we bill you for actually used traffic for the last month.

3. Do you take payment for the content storage in the cache on the nodes?
No, we don't. You pay only for actually used traffic.

4. Do I need to upload content on your servers?
No, if you have your servers, then the content can remain on the servers. It will get in the cache automatically after the first request to the file and during all subsequent requests the file will be given from the CDN's cache, from the nearest node to the user.

5. For how long the file remains in the cache?
By default, the file remains in the cache for 7 days. After 7 days the file gets checked. If it's intact, it remains for 7 days more. If the file has been changed, it's downloaded in the cache again. Time in the cache can be set in the configuration of your server ("cache-control" header in the apache/nginx settings).

6. How can be the file updated in the cache if it has been changed?
The file can be updated two ways. The first - from the admin panel, section purge. The second - by the access via API. Average time of an update on all nodes is about 5 minutes.

7. Do you support the security and strimming of video content?
Yes, of course. Security is provided with the key help (token auth) and is set in the url to the file as a hash. Without the key access to the file will be impossible. The duration of the key you can set yourself when generating a hash. Also you can control the speed of the return of each file and the initial buffer, during which the file will be given on maximum speed. It is also in the url to the file.

8. How do I get started?
Just contact us and you can get set up almost instantly!
Create Your Free Test Account: | Chat |

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