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About Us

Today, Internet is a key aspect of online business development, no matter what your site is used for. We are always ready to help you to deliver entertainment media, stream sports events, or just load static content. We address all our customers’ needs doing everything possible to provide steady and fast connection.

We Improve Our Network

When developing our CDN network, we aim at the Internet of the future where millions of users demand instant loading and high-quality content. We keep up with the latest technologies and customers’ needs.

Placing of thousands servers in many locations was relevant a few years ago when most users opened small HTML files using a dial-up connection. But today it has all changed, and web-developers need a completely different way of content supply.

Taking that into consideration we have elaborated another approach and developed a few strategic global locations near IX points, making Supercharged Points of Presence. They have enormous caching power and are connected directly to major networks.

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Our Locations

Our network embraces the entire globe with Super PoPs located in five continents. Our caching servers are located at the basic key Internet Exchange points requiring milliseconds to connect to ny user on the planet. Thus, we can deliver more content requiring less resources that other CDNs. Our network is scalable and powerful, outworking its old analogues and staying cost-efficient.

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