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Wiki - CDN overview

The JoDiHost CDN (powered by EdgeCast CDN) is a comprehensive global content delivery platform, that provides our customers with all possible means for web content acceleration. It doesn't matter where a customer's end user is located in the world. He will be delivered the content from the fastest point-of-presence (PoP) of our network. So the end user will spend more time on the customer's websites because of faster web sites loading, better video streaming and more efficient and solid transactions from web pages. Adobe Flash, Windows Media and Microsoft Silverlight streaming services are supported by JoDiHost CDN.
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What is CDN?

CDN (content delivery network) is a system of geographically spread servers that cache static website content (images, CSS, JavaScript, stylesheets, etc.) and transfer them to users. Edge servers are located close to target audience in different regions and retrieve data from the origin server to deliver it faster to end-users. A content delivery network is designed to serve files quicker, boost safety and reduce downtime. With such technology, a website owner can reach global audience.

How CDN works

CDN consists of multiple edge servers that are hosted in datacenters (points of presence) spread over multiple regions. As soon as one website visitor requests a website page and its contents, it’s retrieved from the original server and cached on an edge server. The next users will be served these files and pages from an edge server, which will be much faster. The main idea behind CDN is to reduce the distance between the source of data and website visitor: that results into quicker loading and lower change of failures and data loss.
Besides, a CDN ensures 100% uptime, because website data is stored simultaneously on multiple servers. Even if one or several servers go down, users will be redirecte

Key Features

Content Delivery

Any file over 300 Kbyte is defined as a large file. Typical large file delivery applications include software downloads and video and audio delivery. JoDiHost CDN's large file platform is founded on fast disk accesses, a massive throughput capability, and our patent-pending global load balancing solution, that smoothly delivers large media to users globally from all of our Points of Presence (PoPs). This platform is definitely what customers need for all progressive download and streaming needs. It's cost-efficient, reliable and fast, and includes both live and on-demand delivery of media.

Any file under 300 Kbyte is defined as a small file. Image, java script, CSS, and text files belong to such files. Ad serving, ecommerce sites, and photo sharing applications can be named as examples of file delivery applications. Our small file solution serves most cached content straight from RAM. That means minimal disk transactions, incredible first byte download times, and web pages that just pop out. Similarly to our large file platform, this small file service hardware is backed by our rock-solid global load balancing algorithm and located in all our PoPs all over the world.

Typically, any site consists of a mixture of small and large files. Thus, videos on a video website should be delivered by our large file platform, while page of the site themselves should be served by our small file platform. When working with JoDiHost CDN, the customer can make a choice to load his files on whichever platform (or combination of platforms) makes the most sense to deliver the entire website as fast as it's possible.
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All JoDiHost CDN's customers are provided with high capacity, high-availability storage for their content. Our high-performance storage infrastructure was developed to be scalable and redundant and can be accessed via FTP, RSYNC, SFTP, and web interface. The customer's content can be uploaded directly to CDN's PoPs and then the content gets picked up and brought to the edge by the caching servers. Otherwise, a Customer Origin location can be added for content that is stored on the customer's servers.

Customers of our service don't have to upload their content to the JoDiHost CDN Storage Backbone and can store it on their own servers. They also can protect certain content from being displayed using authentication and this adds flexibility. But there is also a downside while using customer origin. Because JoDiHost CDN servers won't be able to reach the customer's content, when their connectivity or storage is ever unavailable/down. If the customer origin performs slowly, it may result in the high levels of latency in the delivery of the content. JoDiHost CDN SLAs ensure that the JoDiHost CDN Storage Network will always be up and highly available globally.

Content requests from the fastest PoP to the end user are served by the routing protocol and global load balancing technology. Generally, DNS routing methods that require multiple levels of DNS triangulation before the content can be served are used by traditional content delivery platforms. At the same time, JoDiHost CDN uses the combination of the robustness and immediate response of one of the fastest DNS infrastructures and proprietary routing protocols. This combination ensures that the customer's content is delivered instantly to the end user directly from the fastest to him JoDiHost CDN PoP and it's no matter where that user is located in the world.

Flash Media Server 3.5 (FMS3.5)

Obviously, one of the most popular streaming technologies in use nowadays is Adobe's Flash Media Server. JoDiHost CDN supports its latest version, FMS3.5. Some of features of this technology are:
1. Dynamic Streaming: Multiple files encoded at various bitrates are allowed to be streamed to the end user. FMS 3.5 is capable to switch between different streams (i.e., files encoded at different bitrates) and yield a higher quality, smoother, video viewing experience in a congested network with fluctuating levels of available bandwidth.
2. DVR functionality: Pausing and seeking within live video is allowed.
3. Higher Performance: More streams and users per server are delivered. And the video streaming performance of previous versions is doubled by FMS 3.5.
4. Improved Security: The customer's content is protected by FMS 3.5 with enhanced stream protection as well as server-side security. Encrypted H.264 streaming is supported via the encrypted Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMPE). And support for validation from remote locations is included in the improved SWF verification.
5. Enhanced Live Streaming Performance: FMS 3.5 has a smoother integration with the latest version of Flash Media Live Encoder 3.0, with which users are allowed to send multi-bitrate live streams from a single encoder. And also the new dynamic streaming capability for live streams is enabled in Flash Media Live Encoder.

Content Security It's quite easy and seamless to provide a high level of security that is layered on top of the customer's mission-critical content with JoDiHost CDN's token-based authentication. The customers are enabled to restrict access to content by any combination of geo-location (for country blocking), by URL, time to live, or individual IP address, enabling for country-specific content, prevention of hot-linking to content, or ecommerce download/viewing of content for specific users. At the moment an end user visits and logs into the customer's web application, a randomized encrypted token is generated by the application and inserted into the URLs of objects that are for display using the JoDiHost CDN. This token authentication can be enabled for all types of content.

JoDiHost CDN can supply and install custom SSL certificates for the customer's account. JoDiHost CDN's provided custom certificates are in PCI Compliance.


JoDiHost CDN uses such a leading independent performance monitoring tools as Gomez, Keynote & Webmetrics to constantly monitor its performance. The metrics are provided by these tools are: Anybody, who wants to test the speed of JoDiHost CDN, can try to download the following files:

The customers of JoDiHost CDN are provided with Core Reporting that enables them to create reports with customized date ranges, specified for all or individual PoPs for the following metrics:
The customers of JoDiHost CDN are ensured that they have access to timely performance data, using Advanced Reporting that is calculated hourly and allows the customers to analyze the critical metrics related to content, storage, traffic, etc. A global map that details the global user activity right down to the city is displayed in the geography module. By researching reporting and analytics, the customer gets an opportunity to analyze trends, lower costs and predict usage patterns, as well as to improve the performance of delivery of his content. As separate reporting sections, granular reporting of streaming media (Adobe Flash and Windows Media) and HTTP download content is also included in Advanced Reporting. Furthermore, this reporting is also broken down in: root level, individual directory level, and individual file level. Reporting is available at various time intervals, from annual to hourly and even by custom date ranges, for enhanced flexibility and custom reporting intervals and is fully inclusive of bandwidth usage, global access locations, content types, browser/player types, and complete referral information. There are also APIs in JoDiHost CDN available for key report, that enable partners and customers to programmatically integrate its reporting feeds into their custom dashboards and applications.

This tool of JoDiHost CDN's Advanced Reporting gives the customers access to true, up-to-the-second and live reporting from their desktops. The costumer have the possibility to monitor their HTTP and Flash bandwidth utilization in real-time, as well as to watch connections being setup and taken down as they happen, monitor their storage usage and keep track of their purge and queues using this dashboard.

The customers of JoDiHost CDN are provided with the full access to HTTP trending statistics and detailed information of how the edge servers are performing when using this set of reports. With these reports the customers can determine how to optimize their content and solve all issues in order to make CDN perform better. Scheduled E-mail alert notifications may be set up to be sent daily, weekly, or monthly for these reports. As a result, all these reports help also to reduce CDN cost structure.
Edge Performance Analytics reports are generated once per day for the previous day only and don't contain the full set of data at the time of process. Though, the Core Reports versions of the same reports (i.e., Cnames, Cache Statuses) represent the complete set of data as they update for up to seven days. So if the customer needs to get exact numbers he should refer to those reports. All reports are in UTC/GMT time and the data in them is available for 90 days.

Scheduled E-mails and Alerts
Scheduled daily, weekly, or monthly e-mail notifications may be set up for these reports. Simple grids (no charts) are shown in the e-mails in order to maximize readability for multiple e-mail clients. These regular e-mails contain the metrics of the customer's website and he doesn't need to log into the customer portal to get the reports. For some report alerts also may be scheduled. For example, the customer may set up an alert to be sent when the percentage of 404 hits for the day is greater than 10%. So with such alerts the customers are able to catch and fix all problems as soon as possible. Alerts are sent on a daily basis. It's recommended for customers to use e-mail distribution lists to simplify e-mail management, so that they don't need to modify all reports in the case of adding or deleting a user, but just to modify the distribution list.

Additional Features

For all content that passes through JoDiHost CDN the customers may elect to create a CNAME entry. It doesn't matter whether content originates on the customer origin servers or from within the JoDiHost CDN storage solution. This feature allows the customers to alias the JoDiHost CDN URL to another URL.

The customers can benefit from using JoDiHost CDN API that gives access to reporting data and managing content and helps to automate the process of managing business workflow. All communications of the API use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption and are further authenticated by username and password to ensure that the request originated from the right content owner. The JoDiHost CDN Web Services is a .NET API that has been implemented using SOAP standardbased XML web services that are exposed via HTTP. The web services are compatible with both SOAP versions 1.1 and 1.2. C#, C, PHP, Java, Perl and other languages can be used to communicate with the services as long as they have basic SOAP functionality. To learn more about SOAP, visit

With JoDiHost CDN bandwidth throttling technology the customers can be sure that they won't pay for user-abandoned downloads and streams, because this technology prevents this. That means that the customer won't need to pay for the full download if the end user watches just first five or ten seconds. This technology provides a quality end user experience and remits the cost of abandoned downloads and streams.

JoDiHost CDN supports progressive download technology that enables users to random access to the videos while they are being downloaded by users (fast forwarding and rewinding throughout the file) before the files are downloaded completely without the licensing costs and technological burden associated with streaming.

Specialization of JoDiHost CDN is content delivery services for digital media. That means that unlike of many legacy content delivery networks that were not developed for supporting the delivery of extremely large streaming and downloadable media files, but, in general, for supporting much smaller static files such as images, HTML, and banner ads, JoDiHost CDN is specifically optimized for streaming Adobe Flash and Windows Media and for large file delivery via progressive download while at the same time it also successfully handles those smaller files. The customers may benefit of highly scalable network to support massive and unexpected digital media audiences and flash crowds.
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Prices depend on the volume of traffic, type of the billing (per Mbps or per Gb), and other options.
No monthly contracts or large upfront usage commitments are required and you only pay for what you use. Accounts are invoiced monthly based on the transfer in the prior month.
More detailed information about out pricing policy is here

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