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eCommerce Delivery

We all know that e-commerce is not that easy. Because it means not only bursting of traffic. It also includes tons of products and hundreds of thousands of assets. You must control your dynamic elements and resolve security issues. And don't forget of various holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Also annual sales. And, of course, you must present your content in the right language and right currency.

But you customers don't want to know all these difficulties. They just want your website to be as fast as possible. If it's not that fast, they won't wait and just leave with all money they might spend on your site. If your site is slow it affects conversion rates and even 1/4 of a second can lead a costumer to your competitor. And, no doubt, you need to protect your customers that means a stable security. You also need your brand, and your bottom line.

Obviously, with all these demands you need a totally new network built specially for e-commerce. It doesn't mean a rehash or rebranding of your old network, but a secure, purpose-built, PCI-compliant, blazing-fast network for e-commerce. And we've got the one, that was built specifically to meet the demands of the world’s largest e-commerce sites.
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The faster e-commerce website you have, the better search engine rankings you get and that means more clients and thus more profit.

All your dynamic and static content loads as fast as it's only possible.

Our services guarantee crystal-clear, instant-on and high fidelity video and music. No sluttering and interruption.

Our caching platform will deliver your static content at super fast speeds, and with the same speed and reliability as cached content our game-tuned Application Delivery Network will serve your game's dynamic elements.

Our strategically-located SuperPOPs serve your software super fast, and our intelligent DNS and global load balancing will automatically direct end users to download your software from the server the closest to them.

JoDiHost allows you to use any or all of our strategically-located SuperPOPs as broadcast nodes, bringing your live stream to within milliseconds of more than 95% of the world's broadband users.

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