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In order to provide customers with the best CDN services in the world JoDiHost has cooperated with the industry leader, Verizon Digital Media Services, a distributed global network of thousands of servers built for speed, security, and scalability. Verizon is one of the biggest providers in the world, and its facilities make up for reliable, flawless and effective hosting. JodiHost is a well-established CDN reseller who offers Verizon services based on EdgeCast content delivery network. No matter where your target audience is, we will always find an optimal combination of servers that will help get your content at best speed possible.
Our clients are offered world-class Verizon content delivery platform based on EdgeCast CDN that gives them advantages to totally control their content the best way, and outperform legacy CDNs in independent performance tests. Be sure: such network will provide users with safe access and outstanding content delivery speeds. We will help with delivery of any type of content: static, dynamic, video streaming, etc. End-users from every corner of the world will enjoy rapid speed, excellent quality of content and total security. Besides, we provide 24/7 customer support. Your content is always safe and sound with our servers.
Based on Verizon CDN pricing policy, JoDiHost has developed its own range of prices, aimed to satisfy all customers, regardless of the size of their websites. No annual contracts or big investments are required from customers: we offer our Verizon CDN on 'pay as you go' model. Together with low prices for Verizon content delivery networks JoDiHost also offers free trial. Thus, customers would be able to try our Verizon high-quality services before buying them.
If you need an efficient and affordable CDN, Verizon (former EdgeCast CDN) is the most optimal option. JoDiHost specialists will help you to figure out the best configuration that suits the demands of your project.
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Caching The customer’s website is getting optimized and accelerated by having his static content cached on our CDN or on his own servers, using HTTP Caching, that allows to transmit the requested content to a user in a more efficient manner.
Whatever content is requested by a user in our network, the data travel as fast as possible between where the content is stored and the point-of-presence (POP) closest to that user. Additionally, a copy of the content is stored on that POP. This process is named caching. All future requests for the content from that region can be delivered directly from that POP, once it has been cached.
Obviously, caching allows to decrease servers’ load and hosting costs, while making users more satisfied with increasing of websites’ speed. more...
Application Delivery Except static content, that successfully gets cached on our CDN, the customer’s websites also have dynamic content, that can’t be efficiently cached. The dynamic nature such content makes caching impractical, since an asset previously generated by a web application would never be requested again. In this type of environment Application Delivery Network (ADN) stands out. Before content can be served at an accelerated rate to the customer’s users, a request must be made to an edge server that resides on one of our POPs. Then check is performed by an edge server in a POP to find out whether the requested content has been secured. If the requested content passes all security requirements, a check is performed to see whether the content is currently cached. And only then the content gets retrieved by ADN Gateway server and delivered to the user requested it. more...
Security Each our customer is guaranteed that his applications and content are fully protected from content theft, hotlinking, piracy and other kinds of unauthorized use and that he has the total control over his content with our security tools. Using these tools, the customer can restrict access to his content by country, title, or date and if he needs it he can build his own custom delivery rules.
Our CDN provides full support for encrypted and authenticated HTTPS, single hostname, wildcard, SAN, Extended Validation, or any other type of SSL certificate, and Token authentication. more...
Analytics Each customer of our CDN services doesn’t need to worry about unknown successes and failures, because he gets full access to information he needs about server performance, user demographics, and bandwidth utilization. All necessary information is updated in real time. That’s why all detected errors and other issues can be fixed as soon as they appear. The reports in our EC360 Analytics Suite provide customers with the in-depth info on how data is being delivered in our CDN to users and help the customer to analyze data usage patterns that allows the customer to optimize his website from both performance perspective and a cost. more...
Edge Optimizer Our Edge Optimizer is powered by Google PageSpeed technology and allows the customer to serve content to his users up to five times faster. The CDN’s Edge Optimizer feature leverages the CDN’s edge servers to modify the dynamic web pages being delivered to the customer’s clients. These modifications allow the customer to decrease the amount of data that is needed to be transferred and the number of assets that are required to properly load the customer’s web page and the customer gets improved data delivery efficiency without requiring modification to his source code. It’s necessary to say, that with Edge Optimized the customer can determine which content will be optimized. more...
Streaming Our CDN helps to deliver the customer’s video any and every way that works best for him and his users: HLS, HDS, Flash, Smooth Streaming, HTTP progressive, HTML5. Using Flash Media Streaming Platform or HTTP Large Platform any requested live event or on-demand video content can be streamed to an end-user with the highest quality that it allowed by the user’s internet connection from the closest POP that is located in his particular region. And then using a Flash player each customer’s user can enjoy high-quality uninterrupted streaming, while at the same time each customer of our CDN is ensured to have the efficient transmission his stream and reduced bandwidth load on his network. more...
Storage With our CDN storage each customer receives fully secured place for his static and dynamic content that is seamlessly connected to our super-fast global delivery platform. This platform allows an end-user to get the customer’s content from the server that is fastest for him with our intelligent global load balancing.
The customer has a choice of protocols to transfer his files to CDN storage: SFTP, rsync and FTP. And there is a user-friendly, browser-based Media Control Center for managing content from anywhere in the world. more...
Rules Engine With our Rules Engine the customer is allowed to build his own custom set of access rules and to have control over when, how and if his content is served and delivered. To make this process as easy as possible we provide an interface through which the customer can create his custom rules and to configure how his assets are handled by our CDN. A rule defines the criteria that a request has to meet before one or more features can take effect. more...
Try our features with a no commitment test account

The faster e-commerce website you have, the better search engine rankings you get and that means more clients and thus more profit.

All your dynamic and static content loads as fast as it's only possible.

Our services guarantee crystal-clear, instant-on and high fidelity video and music. No sluttering and interruption.

Our caching platform will deliver your static content at super fast speeds, and with the same speed and reliability as cached content our game-tuned Application Delivery Network will serve your game's dynamic elements.

Our strategically-located SuperPOPs serve your software super fast, and our intelligent DNS and global load balancing will automatically direct end users to download your software from the server the closest to them.

JoDiHost allows you to use any or all of our strategically-located SuperPOPs as broadcast nodes, bringing your live stream to within milliseconds of more than 95% of the world's broadband users.

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