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Piranha Purge

Lightning-Fast Content Purging

A critical part of how a CDN provides fast delivery to end users is storing your content on edge servers around the world. But still, if you have an update to the content or want to remove it, the "purge" is necessary to be done. Purges can take several minutes with soe CDNs and that can undoubtedly impact your business. JoDiHost has this process improved and we achieve dramatically superior purge performance. It's called Piranha Purge – with Piranha, most purges complete in just seconds. We've also improved purge functionality with optimized propagation, enhanced purge notifications, and even more visibility into purges from within our EC360 Analytics Suite. And still, all your existing purging methods (via web or API) will continue to work just fine, that is the most important thing for you. So just contact us today and see how JoDiHost can improve your global site performance.
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Application Delivery Accelerate delivery of web applications and non-static content.
Caching Our delivery and acceleration services will lead you to the world's digital threshold, from complete websites to mobile.
Analytics Full and instant visibility into performance of the content and the user experience.
Download Manager Your files are delivered globally with super-fast speed, intelligence and flexibility.
Security Protect your applications and content from unauthorized use with the powerful security tools.
Edge Optimizer Powered by Google PageSpeed, Edge Optimizer keeps your application's data and logic off of your network.
Streaming We will deliver better than anyone else your Flash, Silverlight, or HTTP – live or on-demand.
Storage It is more than just CDN storage. Security, replication, and caching infrastructures really mean massive scale at ultra-fast rates of speed.
Rules Engine With our powerful tool you have the whole control over when, how and if the content is served and delivered.
Piranha Purge Better caching flexibility, efficiency, and performance with Piranha Purge.

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