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Content Delivery Network

No doubt, nowadays there is almost no business that wouldn't have a website. And, of course, the websites must work without downtimes and as quickly as it's only possible. Because it's a well known fact that, if the website doesn't load quickly, the majority of visitors leaves it in under 30 seconds.
As a rule, most of website owners start with shared hosting. Then as the website grows and the traffic increases the owner has to make a choice to move on VPS hosting or even to take a dedicated server. But that still doesn't guarantee that the website will load quickly and with no downtimes.
And that's when CDN solutions can help to improve the web server's power. Because CDN (Content Delivery Network) consists of servers all over the world and the user's content are provided not from his server anymore but from the CDN's servers depending on the visitor's geographical location. And these are the benefits of using CDN for your websites:
1) You make your server more powerful and much faster because all your statics are on CDN's servers already. So even if you have very big pictures and videos your own server anyway won't work slowly
2) The speed of your websites increases significantly because your users get the content from the closest CDN's server and that's why you will never get the problem with your traffic limit exceeded and your hosting account suspended.
3) Of course, your websites will be always online with no downtimes, because if any CDN's server is down the other server will replace it and your users won't get any delay.
Another important thing if you worry about the downtime during the CDN's setting up you won't get your websites down even for a minute, because this process is almost instant. You don't need to move anything yourself. You just put a cname for your domain and you are ready to go.
And, undoubtedly, we should mention that Content Delivery Network even helps you to generate revenue. Because when the websites perform fast and with no downtimes your visitors won't get distracted from them and thus you make more profit.
The next think that every webmaster would like to know is that all CDN companies make their best to optimize content of their clients in order to make it load faster. And this also improves SEO rank of the websites.
Of course, all users want to know about the prices of the services they are going to use and if though some time ago the hosting and CDN services were quite expensive, but nowadays it costs cheap enough that any webmaster can afford it and if he is still not sure almost all CDN companies offer a free test of their service to help the webmaster to make the right decision.
In conclusion, CDN services have a lot of advantages and benefits for anybody. And some of Content Delivery Networks work on "pay-as-you-go" model, like the Edgecast's reseller, for example. So why not just to give it a try?

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