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Edgecast CDN Review

If you are looking for an Edgecast CDN review, there are a lot of them in Internet. Clients of this CDN provider honestly discuss its pros and cons. But nobody will argue that this CDN network is one of the leaders of the industry.
The company's dedication to superior hardware and software makes it the ideal candidate for the big businessmen, or even just the blogger looking to deliver their content.
It's a well known fact that the network equally serves both small businesses and such a big names as Lionsgate Entertainment, CBS Interactive, March Entertainment, EMI, Jama, Yahoo!, IMAX,, and WordPress.

The main points of our Edgecast CDN review are follow:
The company aims to constant innovations. The network is improved that way that it's now available to purge content and to keep it up-to-date 40-80x faster than then its competitors.
The CDN network's SuperPOPs are located in five continents and that means that the end user content gets website's content the fastest way from the SuperPOP that is the closest to his location.
This top-performing CDN network is flexible and scalable. That means content delivery, increased end-user satisfaction, and lower costs for the primary consumer. The provider can offer services that increase to match high demand, while scaling back to save money and energy during low stress periods.

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In order to provide its services to all potential clients, Edgecast has trusted resellers, as JoDiHost, that offers very competitive pricing for industry-best cdn products.

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