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JoDiHost has partnered with EdgeCast to offer a superior, cost-effective global content delivery service that gives our clients competitive advantage in the delivery of digital media. Our world-class content delivery platform provides customers the cost benefits and flexibility of controlling their own content delivery network while liberating them from ISP contracts, capital investments and operational hassles. Our service provides a number of benefits over traditional CDNs.

How Content Delivery Network Works to Make Websites Load Faster

Whether you have a single domain name and a small blog or several servers hosting dozens of sites, you undoubtedly know that web hosting costs money. Therefore, any method you can use to save money and possibly boost performance at the same time is well worth considering. In web hosting, three things are crucial: speed, reliable connectivity, and affordability. Even small websites, such as blogs, often serve up thousands of pages, images, video content, and other media. Your unspoken promise to your website's visitors or customers is that the content will be delivered in a timely, consistent manner.

What is a Content Delivery Network ?

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is tool that allows you to move some of the load that static content places on your server to a cloud hosted service provider. Many of today's websites rely on dynamic content for blog updates, micro-blogging, comments, status updates, chatting, and other fast-changing user-generated content. In the background, however, are unchanging images, CSS files, JavaScript files, and a host of other content that is loaded and reloaded from your server day after day. You can utilize a CDN to serve that content to your visitors. If your website is hosted in Dallas, Texas, someone accessing your site in Houston will receive your content instantaneously. Someone in New Jersey, however, will experience a slight delay. Content accessed from Japan will have to travel all the way around the world. Good CDNs have widely dispersed servers all over the planet, providing a website's users with access to redundant content from within their regions. This means that someone in Houston will get the same content as someone in Japan but from different servers closer to their own locations. Another benefit of CDNs is that the load on your web server will be reduced. This is especially important for media-rich sites. Your server already has to reload dynamic text from a database every time it is changed and re-accessed by a new visitor. All of the other non-changing content just takes up more RAM, more bandwidth, and uses more CPU power.

Do you want to know how quickly content is downloaded from your site?

In order to know how quickly content is downloaded from your site you can use online-service But most likely the recieved values won't give you an exact answer to your question. To estimate how quickly content from your site is downloaded you must compare the results of content downloading from your site and the results of content downloading from any other site.

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