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If a person has a problem with a website's global presence and optimization, he definitely must look at some cdn-solution. There are enough content delivery networks at the moment but Edgecast is fairly called one of the leaders of the industry.
Edgecast company is a Los Angeles, CA, based content delivery network (CDN). It was founded in 2006 by technology entrepreneurs with years of experience building companies in the infrastructure, web services, and application delivery spaces.
The aim of the company is to provide the fastest, smartest content delivery on the planet. With businesses such as Tumblr, AVG, jetBlue, Myspace, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Yahoo! and Technorati on board, the provider has a lot of credibility in the field of content delivery networks. Yet while the company has some big-ticket customers, it's still one of the best CDNs for small businesses, because it is dedicated to superior hardware and software that makes it the ideal candidate for the concerned businessmen, or even just the blogger looking to deliver their content posthaste to a new global audience.
Edgecast's network spans the globe, with SuperPOPs (points of presence) located on five continents. As those SuperPOP's are strategically located at the center of the world's fastest data interchanges, they are able to deliver more content with less overhead than other CDNs. And it's guaranteed that whatever their client creates or sells online - software, music, video, news - users should experience it as it's intended. Immediately, crystal-clear, and without a hitch.
It's also necessary to say that the network is a flexible and scalable. So it manages its point-of-presence network on-the-fly, increasing servers and area control as needed in order to meet the demands of its consumers. And can offer services that increase to match high demand, while scaling back to save money and energy during low stress periods. This technology at the same time allows to increase the speed with which content is delivered and to reduce the consumer's price.

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JoDiHost have partnered with EdgeCast CDN network aiming to provide our customers with top-notch services. The customers can be ensured that their websites are fast, secured and well optimized for search engines.

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