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Edgecast Streaming

No doubt, choppy streams and constant buffering of videos will make viewers change their mind and leave a website. The user can be ensured that with Edgecast streaming it won't happen. CDN network allows its clients to stream to any device, anywhere, handle spikes and ever changing bandwidth conditions effortlessly. The content management is maximally simplified: the video can be delivered any way and every way without interruptions. HLS, HDS, Flash, Smooth Streaming, HTTP progressive, HTML5 - the CDN provider does it all and the content is streamed from the SuperPOP that is closest t the user's location. So the user sees it just the way it's intended.

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Although not every business is ready to make a long-term contract in order to get high-quality Edgecast's CDN services, there is always the way to get them with no contract. Such an offer all possible clients may get from a reseller company JoDiHost at affordable rates.

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