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Edgecast Reseller

p> EdgeCast is a top-performing CDN nework and has all the basic features, and more, like multiple origins and CNAMEs and an HTTP Rules Engine that gives the customers highly granular control over how, when and if their content is served. But the customer must have a long-term contract to work directly with the company. If he doesn't want the 12 month contract he can still use the network's services by signing up with an Edgecast reseller. One of such resellers is, the company that offers all top-notch CDN services with no contract at very competitive prices.

edgecast vs cloudfront | edgecast vs cloudflare

All websites owners, that are looking for a CDN network to have their business websites running fast and secured, shouldn't hesitate to contact Edgecast's reseller JoDiHost in order to get very attractive business offers.

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