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How to increase the amount of lead and sales from your website? These 6 practices will help you to attract potential customers and improve user experience.

Your website doesn’t generate as many leads and sales as you wish? Don’t despair: it’s in your power to change the situation to the better. Internet environment is always altering, just like the way people interact with it, and you should keep up the pace to attract traffic and make your website grow. Here are six ways to improve your website and convert your potential customers.

1. Mobile Optimization is a Must

Why mobile optimization is imperative for all websites? More and more people (their number already exceeds 50%) search for data on their mobile devices. In 2015, computer and mobile search were equal in volume, but today traditional search has been exceeded by mobile. Recent UK research has revealed that 57% of people use smartphones for Internet access, 16% prefer tablets, and 27% (just think of it – only a quarter) use their PCs. Therefore, 3/4 of people browse the web with portable devices.

Even if you think that the vast majority of your users access the website with computers, mobile optimization won’t hurt. Only 7% of elderly people (older than 55) use mobiles for search, and 26% search via desktop devices, but 67% search on both platforms. But when it comes to younger population, mobile search is preferable, as you may guess.

Besides, in 2018, Google’s mobile index will also be introduced. If your website is optimized for mobile search, you shouldn’t be afraid of that. If it’s not, ranking of your pages may drop significantly. Not sure about it? Use Google’s testing tool to find out whether mobile version of your website can be crawled by Googlebot.

If your website is not tailored for mobile search, you can loose a large portion of audience and, consequently, potential customers. Provide seamless experience for both desktop and mobile versions of your website, and your audience will love your project.

2. Re-targeting

How to generate more leads from your website? One of the best methods of conversion is including a pixel in your site to re-target the ads. This is a piece of HTML code that re-targets people who have visited your website. It’s much more efficient than display ads, and a lot of web-masters strongly believe that this is one of underestimated marketing technologies. Thanks to re-targeting, you have a 70% higher chance to convert on retailer’s website.

Better user experience, mobile optimization and catchy content are crucial, but top it off with retargeting, and your responsive website will rocket the rate of conversion. In its essence, retargeting allows finding users who are not included in your sales funnel and bringing them back.

Retargeting not only works with display ads – social media platforms also provide their proprietary pixels. For example, Facebook has audience network with which you can attract customers to your website.

3. Ensure Flawless User Experience

User experience is essential for website success and, unfortunately, some web-developers often neglect it. If your website doesn’t guarantee positive user experience for visitors, they won’t make sales, or even worse – won’t get back. According to Adobe’s research, 89% users who experience problems with content watching or website loading will either switch device, or abandon the website.

Here we get back to mobile experience again. Having positive user experience on a desktop doesn’t necessarily mean you provide equally great user experience on mobile devices. Meanwhile, mobile optimization is vital. You need either to enlarge words and icons for mobile devices, or create a separate mobile website designed for visitors who surf your pages on the go. Don’t forget to offer the same design language across different sites, since many people browse websites on multi-platform basis.

Experiment with elements of website design. For example, you can remove banners from pages, or change names of buttons. Different design decisions can help you to create a perfect website for flawless user experience, which will result into higher sales and better conversions.

4. Voice Search

Although voice search is typically done with the help of artificial intelligence like Siri, Google Assistant has also become pretty widespread. Besides, the rise of such smart home systems as Google Home and Amazon Echo has contributed to popularity of voice search. In 2016, Google claimed 20% of its search was made via voice, and experts believe 50% of search will be done in voice by 2020.

Since SEO is an important part of smart website design, you should pay closer attention to the keywords that can help you in ranking. Note that thanks to voice search, long tail keywords will be used more often – they will replace the questions that people will ask instead of typing them into devices.

5. Stay Responsive

Users hate waiting. According to Google’s report, more than 50% of users abandon a website, if it takes more than 3 seconds for it to load, and 50% of users expect web pages to load within 2 seconds. Websites that load within 5 seconds and less have a 25% higher view volume, 70% longer user sessions and 35% lower bounce rates.

Probably, you have noticed than websites tend to eliminate sidebars, as web-developers opt for cleaner, minimalistic designs. With such approach, you can wean potential customers off unnecessary information, and help them to find what they need faster (that applies to both desktop and mobile experience).

Ideally, you need to have a sleek minimalistic website that works well on all platforms, and an impressive catchy website that is designed for desktop solely. When thinking over website design, consider visitors’ preferences first off.

6. Let Design Work For You

Whether you like it or not, the vast majority of visitors get the first impression about websites based on their design. Color palette and layout give users the idea whether they mistrust or like a website. 38% of visitors will abandon a website, if its content or layout are not appealing. Just think of it: it takes 0.05 seconds to form this opinion!

Therefore, even if you did your best to provide perfect user experience, responsibility and SEO optimization, all of that can be in vain because of poor website design. Therefore, dedicate your time and money to making attractive fonts, logos and color palettes. Don’t forget that design language should go across all pages and the content you create.

Pretty design not only helps to convert customers – it also signifies about credibility of your company. If your website has ugly design, visitors can assume that your company is not professional and runs badly. Intuitive navigation, a search box and links to social media are not just design features – this is the proof that your company keeps in touch with audience.

How to Generate More Leads Today?

Need more ideas and inspiration? Visit your competitors’ websites and check what works, and what doesn’t. Websites of top dogs of your industry can serve as good examples of successful projects. Compare both desktop and mobile versions of these websites, and then look at your website with the same eyes – you will quickly understand what can be improved.

As soon as you’ve figured out the most crucial issues that challenge your website, make sure to eliminate them. Leverage re-target, install a pixel – do everything possible. Such core problems as user experience or design may take longer to be fixed, but it’s worth all pain. Finally, you will witness higher conversion and better credibility of your brand.

Make sure that the changes you make to optimize your project should ensure equally good user experience on multiple devices. This way, you will not only reach new audience more efficiently, but also improve the impressions of your existing customers.


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