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These 6 online content marketing strategies will help you to attract target audience, build website trust and authority, and convert customers. Find out how to create and post worthy website content.

Content marketing is a pretty new phenomenon which denominates a set of various marketing techniques that have been used for a long time. In some sense, content marketing existed even before Internet. In layman’s terms, content marketing is use of text, photos, video and other media-files to hot up interest of audience and make people order your product. Advertisements are also considered to be a part of content marketing.

How to increase website traffic with content marketing? Let’s discuss the peculiarities of content marketing in the Net and learn how to use videos, images, and text so that to attract traffic, generate leads and convert customers. Content marketing goes far beyond the frames of infographics – you just need to think out of the box. Let’s look at several ways you can use content marketing to boost your website traffic.

1. Microsites

You can create separate sections on your website that will appeal to your target audience one way or another. It shouldn’t necessarily be self-generated content. You can either crowdsource content, or just make it using third-party tools. For example, Shopify (popular eCommerce service provider) has a marketplace Exchange where users can buy and sell eCommerce websites. This microsite is helpful for visitors and helps to attract potential customers to the service.

Another cool case is script-based content generation in marketing campaign performed by Dove. The soap brand worked with Twitter to create a microsite where users could measure the negative and positive sides of their tweets. In both instances, the content was created outside, and yet businesses generated platforms to bring it to the target audience.

2. What Are the Preferences of Your Audience?

Before you launch a marketing campaign, you need to find out where your audience hangs out. Creating informative video for YouTube about your services will not give much positive result, if your readers have slow Internet and can’t access such heavy content as videos.

Therefore, prior to creating content you need to figure out where your audience resides. That will supply you with the idea of what kind of content users will like. For example, if your audience are teenagers, creating marketing campaigns in Snapchat using memes and video is optimal. If you’re going to work with young girls, try Instagram.

3. Get Involved Into Social Networks

Marketers know that quality should dominate over quantity, and it applies to content marketing, too. For this reason, long-term content is often regarded as of higher quality than short-term content. That may be true to some extent, but short-term content may also be pretty lucrative for target audience. One of the best ways to spread it is social networks.

Here, the strategy is pretty simple: find discussions and threads in different platforms (Reddit, Quora, etc.) and you will understand which topics are interesting for your readers. Provide them with helpful data and answers from your project’s perspective.

This strategy allows raising your authority and image among your potential customers and helps to convert them. Besides, readers who’re involved in such threats also see your submissions and may get into your sales pages from there.

4. Content Marketing Segmentation

From B2B standpoint, content marketing is aimed at two things:
  • It attracts audience from organic sources like search engines.
  • It announces new products and features.
If that’s your case, you should divide your content marketing strategy into three important steps:
  1. Focus on SEO: Create content that will get you to the top of Google search results, include relevant industry keywords and phrases.
  2. Create link-baiting content that’s aimed at building new inbound links on your website. These can be statistics, viral images and other elements that other blogs use for linking as a part of their content.
  3. Generate content to improve customer conversion. These can be sales pages that contain a call to action.
Combination of these three steps appears to be very efficient, because it allows you building up a trustworthy site that Google ranks better. As soon as you implement such content, it will start being ranked on the top of searches and bring it a lot of target audience. This way, more users will be converted.

5. Don’t Neglect Facebook Advertising

Content marketing is a strategy where you may not necessarily see quick improvement: positive outcomes may manifest in a long term, but will grow exponentially over time. You can reap more benefits, if your take the right steps at the right time.

Facebook advertising has proven to be a very efficient tactic to establish the needed push to your marketing promotion. Even minor advertising campaigns worth less than $10 may truly help you to increase the inbound traffic. In this case, the strategy is pretty simple: define your target audience, or the group that will like your content, and spend a few dollars to reach the readers with your content. That will create an impulse and help you to boost content reach.

6. Virality

Another step to gaining momentum is making your content go viral. Viral marketing strategy can seem to be risky, because it doesn’t guarantee 100% success. However, the right content marketing tactics can make your posts go viral with the time being.

Bonus tips

Content marketing strategy is a way to improve overall image and trust to your business, attract users and convert customers. In order to hit the mark, follow these recommendations:
  • Use craft content that’s simple to read and comprehend.
  • Make sure that you touch the right emotions of your readers.
  • Elaborate an efficient and simple way for readers to share your posts and content via their social networks.
  • Find a few audience members to whom you can show the content before publishing.
Deploy this content marketing strategy step by step, and you will witness positive changes both in short and long run.


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