Google PageSpeed Insights Is Enhanced With Chrome Reports
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Google keeps continually improving its services, and this time the company decided to boost the functionality of their PageSpeed Insights tool exploiting the metrics from real-time Chrome users who access popular destinations on the web.

The tool shows how quickly your pages load based on experience of real users, which is a crucial metric for user satisfaction.

Pages are graded on three levels:
  • Fast (the median value of metric is in the fastest third of all loads);
  • Slow (the median value of metric is in the slowest third of all loads);
  • Average (the median value of metric is in the middle third of all loads).
To define the level, Google looks at such metrics as First Contentful Paint (FCP) and DOM Content Loaded (DCL), if these metrics are in the top of 1/3 of their category, a page is considered to be fast. Page can be categorized as Good, Medium, or Low depending on its performance. The calculation helps a developer to understand whether he want to preserve the same appearance and functionality of the page.

The Page Load Distributions section shows how page’s FCP and DCL events are spread over the data set. These events are labeled as Fast (top third), Average (middle third), and Slow (bottom third) and compared in Chrome User Experience Report.

The section of page statistics describes the round trips required for loading of page’s render-blocking resources, total bytes used by page, and compares it to the median number of round trips and bytes in the dataset. It can show whether a page can be quicker, if the developer changes its appearance and functionality.

A user can read Optimization Suggestions to adopt practices that can be applied to his pages. If the page is fast, the suggestions will be hidden by default.  Not all sites are graded like that. In order to perform such test, enough traffic and data from the Chrome user experience report are required.


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