Why you need a CDN for a WordPress web-site?
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Today, more and more organizations realize the necessity of CDN services, because they provide a lot of benefits for both developers and users. How does a CDN solution help?

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a system of servers that transfer cached content to end-users depending on their geographical location. When users access your blog, they are directed to a web host’s server located in some certain place. Thus, every user is connected to this very server, and high traffic may cause breakdown and slow loading of a web-site. This is where CDN technologies come in handy. Servers comprising a network (edge servers) cache static content and store it. When a user opens a web-site, he or she is redirected to the closest edge server of the network. The number of virtual hops to be made reduces, and the speed of loading grows.

How a CDN can be useful for your WordPress blog?

As you have already understood, CDN services may have a great impact on your web-site or blog. Here are some of its basic advantages:

- Boost of speed. As soon as you implement a CDN, pages and their content will start loading far quicker. It may be 50% and even 70% acceleration.

- Crash resistance. When your site experiences a traffic spike because of some sales or events, the risk of site crash appears. CDN distributes load on several servers, which is why the origin server is less likely to break down.

- Improvement of user experience. CDN contributes to less bounce rate (when users abandon web-site right after opening it), increases the number of page views and, consequently, conversion rates. Faster web-site means better user experience.

- Improvement of SEO. Google and some other search engines take speed into account when ranging blogs and web-sites. Optimization and use of CDN service improve loading speed considerably, helping you to get to the Top-1o.

CDN is a good idea for most WordPress blogs and web-sites!


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