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We continue observing different hosting options, and today we’ll focus on reseller hosting, a great alternative to traditional hosting options. Never heard of that? We explain what reseller hosting is, and who should consider this variant. Reselling means that a company uses resources of a parent or a third-party web-hosting company and sells them as their own. A lot of web-hosting companies provide reseller packages, and you can benefit from hosting your website with a reseller. Besides, some users who were disappointed with their reseller host may also be interested in creating their own reselling hosting account. Before you decide how to get maximum from this option, and whether it will work, you need to know some crucial information.

What You Should Know About Reseller Hosting

Note that some hosts contract with resellers while charging per client. Therefore, when the reseller adds a client, the host charges him or her at a certain rate. Otherwise, you can choose from different packages. Depending on the hosting provider, there are various features available, but there are some common features that can come by default:
  • bandwidth;
  • domain hosting;
  • managing of plans and configuration of multiple accounts;
  • ability to promote your web hosting company, while the parent web-hosting company stays invisible for your client;
  • access to the features similar to the ones offered by the parent company, such as control panel, email, monitoring tools, and additional scripts.

Advantages Of Working With a Reseller Web Host

A lot of product and service providers that work with Internet technologies add web-hosting to their services. It can be ordered either separately as a simple way to satisfy all of your Internet needs at once, or the company you work with can add web-hosting as a part of your package of services. Who can resell web-hosting to their clients? Graphic designers, web copywriters, programmers, Internet marketing consultants and website designers are just a few of those who do that. Since these companies order web space in bulk, they get discounted rates, and can allow you to save on it, too. Alternatively, the cost can be included in other services you get, which may result in a pretty good deal.

Is Dealing With a Reseller Worth It?

Most reseller web hosts are well-established and can provide you with a high-quality service. However, some companies may not be as honorable as the services they offer. With a reseller, you may not have the same level of customer support as the parent company provides, and you may need to wait for eternity to get the assistance you need. If the reseller you partner with isn’t a reliable and strong web-company, you may have to handle outages and low uptime percentage. Other resellers can lessen the features you can get or may increase the cost of the hosting (then it turns out that you could save a lot of money by working with the parent company directly). Besides, there’s also some risk that the reseller keeps control over your website, and if you get dissatisfied with the service, you may have troubles when accessing your files and moving your website. Although it doesn’t happen often, some hosting provides act like that, and you should be aware of that. If such things happen, find out what the parent company is, and contact them.

Reseller Hosting Option Appeals to Me. How to Start?

When may you need reseller hosting? If you’re interested in web-hosting, you need a quick, affordable and easy way to start your company and attract potential customers. Or when you work in a related industry and want to expand your scope of services, serve clients better. No matter what are the reasons to start your web hosting company and work with or as a reseller, you should know how to start. In fact, starting up a reseller hosting company is easier than you think. You can do it by making the following steps:
  • Research the market of web-hosting companies and find the ones that provide reseller hosting.
  • Consider how many customers you can add to your company right away – that will help you to understand the package you need.
  • Define the size and types of packages you will offer to your clients.
  • Think of the price of your packages and services used as a value-added service to some related service.
  • Compare reseller hosting plans to find out which one suits your budget and needs better.
  • Sign up for the reseller package that suits your needs.
  • Set up every package you’ll offer to your customers by following the instructions provided by the parent company.
  • Start marketing your new business and sign up customers.
  • Provide your customers with support and watch your business grow.


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