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If you plan to offer media content on your website, take care of performance, because it’s the key to success. Users don’t just expect – they demand fast downloading and excellent performance. Media content can generate a burst of traffic for many projects from social media and retail stores to information and news sites. According to some research, by 2019 companies will spend about $300 billion on content marketing. Turns out, well-established B2B companies spend at least 39% of their marketing budget to content, and average business spending is about 29%.

Why media content is so crucial for the success of your business? Just think of it: more than 40% of global population can access the Net, and the ways of accessing it have increased, as well. People always keep connected to their social media regardless of location, and want media to be instantly accessible 24/7, no matter what’s used: cellphone, PC, tablet, laptop, so on. Therefore, on order to maintain competitiveness, your company should provide instant access to assets. CDN network is a major media accelerator that combines content management systems and business analytics in order to provide seamless media delivery that users truly expect.

Perfect Efficiency

Gripping video content has a special power: it turns user from evaluating your content to making the actual decision – whether or not order your services. Interestingly, users spend about 1/3 of their time to watching videos, and video content may actually improve conversion rates by 80%. So if you define your target audience and market niche and create content that appeals to your potential customers, their number will definitely increase.

Wide Functionality

Some usual forms of marketing (for instance, outbound marketing) are outdated and aren’t so effective on the modern marketplace. Trade shows, bulk e-mails, seminars, and cold calls are often seem obtrusive and aren’t very appealing, because users face torrents of such forms of advertising every day.

Modern media content has some certain purpose. When it’s delivered professionally, loads rapidly and at a high quality, the visitor will be genuinely open to your message. If the content is boring, takes eternity to load and offers no interesting message to catch the viewer, he’s likely to move to a competitor. Users are ready to wait only 6-10 seconds for a media-rich page to load before finding some other place.

It Created Your Brand

Unique video content and media files can make your brand stand out in the crowd of competitors and establish high brand recall. Answer yourself: “What makes you press ‘Play’ button and view this or that kind of content?” Trivial messages will not proper your business or encourage users to make the purchase. A fast-loading website together with an engaging offer can let customers know that you provide services meeting their expectations. Satisfaction of customers’ needs build brand.


It’s expected that by 2019, video content will compose up to 80% of all web traffic. Today, many users say they’d rather watch a video than read an article on some certain topic. About 65% of them visit a website after watching a branded video. Besides, inbound marketing via media content appears to be 60% cheaper than outbound marketing methods: companies can save about $14 per customer with inbound strategies. With a reliable system for media content, the company grows steadily and without dramatic financial losses. An E-commerce website making about $100 a day can lose about $2.5 mln per year because of delays in web page responses and media content delivery.

Each website has a great potential to deliver reliable, revenue-generating media content, if backed up by a high-quality acceleration system. With the right CDN provider, you will see dramatic difference in how your website handles heavy traffic and media content downloads. Don’t let delays repel your customers.


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