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Webmail has become an inevitable part of hosting and marketing, but the problem is that old-fashioned email suits are still being used by the vast majority of companies and developers. If all you have is a simple email box, there’s no way to know you have some important messages in your box until you’re logged into your company’s network. If you want an instant access to your email around the clock from any device, you need webmail: an email system that’s stored on a Net server and allows sending and receiving emails from any device, anywhere with Wi-Fi signal and alternative forms of connections.

When it comes to business email, you need a webmail client that offers more than just sending and receiving emails. It should provide you with the possibilities to send and receive emails, handling messages, tasks, notes, and calendars. Other features like arranging messages, collaboration on the project and fast access to files are also crucial. All that should be topped off by security measures. Today, we will overview five most popular webmail clients.


This is an advanced webmail client that offers a lot of useful and efficient features. Business users will evaluate SmarterMail’s intuitive desktop that provides quick access to calendars, notes, email, tasks, and even fast messaging from any device (PC, smartphone, or tablet). Besides, you can access all SmarterMail’s features via any browser using the Internet connection.

To ensure unbeatable security, SmarterMail team has introduced a proprietary system for making company’s communications secure. Thus, instant messaging service tracks and puts all organization’s messages in archives, while complying with data protection internal policies and preserving safety and security of communication in your organization.

Another great feature for business is the ability to match emails with tasks. Sometimes sent emails require something to be done. SmarterMail allows linking message to a task to make sure that users can always get all necessary instructions and communications regarding the task.

RoundCube Mail

Those who’re searching for more traditionally looking webmails should opt for RoundCube Mail: its desktop is closer to Outlook’s appearance, which is why you can quickly understand what is what feeling at home. However, if you think that RoundCube’s functionality is also close to Outlook, this platform will exceed your expectations by a mile!

RoundCube is a fully-fledged business-ready email client that ensures complete functionality, including message search, folder creation and arrangement, spelling checking, an address book, and so on. There’s drag-and-drop message management, sending HTML and rich text messages with attachments. Besides, you can send messages from various email identities (perfect to use on a device when you need to use both personal and business email addresses).

Corporations should pay utmost attention to RoundCube due to the fact that it allows for an unlimited number of messages and users, as well as the possibility to export and import files and messages to your corporate email server.

Horde Mail

Horde Webmail is a ready solution that would be ideal for browser-based communication. It enables users to write, receive and organize email messages, manage and share contacts, tasks, notes, and calendars.

Like many other webmail clients, Horde gives users access to both POP3 and IMAP mailboxes, and you can import emails from your company’s server (it works with usual MIME attachments, too). Users are free to select preferences and apply email filters. Other useful features for email management include setting up auto-respond messages, email forwarding, and changing passwords.


Perfect for use on cPanel servers, SquirrelMail webmail client works with both SMTP and IMAP protocols. It was made to be compatible with all browsers, so it can work flawlessly on any web-enabled device. Do not let its simple user interface disorient you – SquirrelMail provides a wide scope of features, for instance, the ability to manage and create folders, filter messages, alter color schemes, use calendars and manage events, and arrange the order of messages. Besides, there’s in-spam detection baked in – a spam filter is complemented with a reporting function “Spam Cop”.

What international businesses will like is the inbuilt translator. You can write messages in English and have them translated into other languages, and translate when what you receive into English.

One of the most interesting features for business is the Pop 3 Fetch Mail that allows downloading corporate emails from your server to your company’s Squirrel Mail inbox, which means you can view them and reply being out of your office. You can still use Outlook and other clients being back to the office.

Mail Enable

Mail Enable provides a myriad of webmail features perfect for business users like RoundCube (except for the fact that there are even more capabilities). What makes Mail Enable special is four unique features:
  1. Synchronization between various devices. Since data is stored in the cloud, it’s easier to update it on your device and ensure that all your tasks, calendar, emails are relevant.
  2. Mail Enable is a device aware platform. It knows what device you’re exploiting and adjusts its display and functionality accordingly. Mail Enable can detect whether it’s being used on sensor screen devices and changes screen resolution for brilliant user experience.
  3. Business users will love the fact that Mail Enable allows sharing files, including multimedia, across webmail and business networks. You can upload them to your office via Outlook, and then download and edit files at home – it will be synchronized and ready for work when you get back to your office.
  4. The Free & Busy Scheduling tool is another great perk for business. It lets you know “free” and “busy” status of your employees. Therefore, when arranging meetings, you can find the time when everyone’s free – that prevents the problem of emailing invitations and waiting for confirmations.
These webmail clients totally change the perception of business email solutions: they combine wide functionality with convenience of navigation and excellent security. Choose the solution that suits your business, and enjoy efficient collaboration within and outside your company!


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