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JoDiHost is a provider of CDN (content delivery network) that aims to ensure outstanding customer experience. Wide choice of CDN solutions from Verizon Digital Media Services and reliable customer support make our company a great choice for many online businesses.

What is special about JoDiHost?

JoDiHost has a lot of outstanding features including:

    1. 1. Excellent customer support. Our agents are 24/7 online, and can be contacted via different means of communication including live-chat and Skype. We try to make sure that every customer will get decent level of support and ample answers to their questions. Our approach bases on friendliness, responsibility and aim to provide great customer experience.
    1. 2. Transparent Pricing. We stick to ‘pay as you go’ pricing model which means that you only pay for the resources that were actually used. No pre-payments and hidden fees are charged. Besides, you don’t have to conclude a contract – no commitment (you can cancel the services any time you need).
    1. 3. Free trial period up to one month is provided for every CDN network. Thanks to that you can evaluate the quality of service and customer support and make sure that such configuration meets all demands of your online business.
  1. 4. A wide choice of solutions from Verizon Digital Media Services – one of world’s best known providers. With more than 100 PoPs at its disposal, it ensures vast coverage and excellent performance.
JoDiHost is a great option for those who value reliability and affordability of CDN solutions.  


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