When do you truly need a CDN?
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CDN (content delivery network) is a must for web-masters and bloggers who have audience scattered around the world. This technology accelerates content delivery across regions and shortens page loading time. Although this is a highly useful system, it doesn’t mean that all websites and online projects are in dire need of CDN network. Find out whether you’re the one who can benefit from it.

What is a CDN?

CDN service is used to send content with the help of globally distributed compound of servers. It caches static data (CSS, images and JavaScript files) on edge servers, and when a visitor accesses your website and requests a file, it is sent from the closest server. The fewer miles data has to travel, the faster it will be delivered.

CDN solution is also used for load balancing: most CDN providers have server per location, so the system can manage a higher volume of traffic than your original server. However, it’s not always true that a CDN will deliver files faster than your original server. It depends on where your target audience is located.

When do I benefit from CDN?

Not every website developer and blogger needs a CDN. For instance, if you write texts in French only, most likely, you will address visitors from French-speaking areas in Europe. A CDN will only help, if you need to boost your web hosting package that is too weak.

The most widespread case when you need a CDN network is when you have a lot of viewer traffic (at least several hundred thousands of page views monthly). In this case, CDN technology will ensure fast access for users from different regions.

If you write on English, you address a wide target audience that is scattered around the world. In this scenario, CDN web hosting would be useful, because a visitor from the USA will have different experience of page loading than a visitor from Asia. Websites hosted on servers in foreign countries load much slower than in the country they are based in. With a CDN, you will deliver much faster to countries that are far away.

All in all, everything will also depend on your traffic: the more visitors you have, the more necessary CDN becomes: it gives your website the possibility to respond to more requests simultaneously.

Optimization first

If you think that implementing a CDN is enough to make the website fast, you make a big mistake. A CDN can really maximize the speed of websites that are already optimized. It’s a lot of work, but the results will impress both you and visitors. The optimization strategy should include:
  1. Using a high-quality server.
  2. Reduction of image size.
  3. HTTPS and HTTP2 use.
  4. Disabling of plugins you don’t use.
  5. Optimization of JS and CSS files.
With a complex approach, you will reach the best results making your blog load fast as never before.

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