What Modern CDN Solutions For Low Latency Streaming Are Like?
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Since online streaming is gaining wild popularity, more content owners start asking about low latency video based streaming solutions. Traditionally, a live event is a live one-way stream from a broadcaster to viewers, and latency during broadcasting may be around 15-45 seconds, if not more. Interaction and users’ participation are almost impossible this way. However, interaction is crucial in many spheres of our life: education and online classrooms, talk shows, virtual gaming, auctions, etc.

What can make real-time communication and broadcasting more efficient and quick is CDN (content delivery network) created specifically for transfer of dynamic content. If you compare CDN solutions present on the market, you will see that they are designed differently. Unfortunately, most CDNs are TCP/IP based, which affects the quality of delivery and causes up to 15% of packet loss. Luckily, CDN the newest solutions and innovative systems stay resilient even with 40% packet loss.

Old CDNs can’t provide two-way low latency solutions of such quality level, which limits their value among users. On the opposite, new CDNs ensure excellent quality of broadcasting and higher resilience. They are quite simple to integrate: you simply embed a few lines of code and use the system as a service in a web or mobile applications. It supports numerous endpoint types and HD voice and video. Modern CDNs can serve content to 50,000 participant per session, and audience is theoretically unlimited. Note that interaction between viewers is possible, as well. Besides, innovative networks support packet loss recovery options, real time recording, server-side recording, and distribution of streams over recording API.

Evidently, broadcasting of large-scale live events should not be limited by one-way traditional streaming – interaction is the new demand. This is highlighted even by mobile-centric platforms like Twitter and Facebook: interactivity with users is very important, because it triggers engagement. Therefore low latency streaming options are the future of live streaming.

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