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With more than 2.5 billion users, Internet is a huge virtual landscape. Businesses that want to be successful should be able to reach customers globally. But how to sustain perfect web performance and ensure excellence of user experience despite poor connection, security threats and latency?

CDN (content delivery network) is the solution that may resolve these problems. Created for dealing with content delivery problems, CDN helps all global businesses establish reliable connection with potential customers. Here are 7 major reasons to order a CDN network.

    1. Better response times and reliability.
Great performance means high conversion rates and growing sales. Slow speed and latency can threat web business, and even a few extra seconds in loading can make significant difference in conversion. High quality CDN hosting reduces loading speed and guarantees that all transactions are performed without troubles.

    2. A CDN network ensures global connectivity
Since one third of world’s population is online, you need a solution that allows reaching people in all regions. CDN service provides acceleration of data delivery with the help of local PoPs (points of presence). Thanks to CDN latency is no longer a problem, because information has to travel shorter distances.

    3. You save more with CDN
Instead of investing into an infrastructure and ordering services from various providers around the world, you can order the best CDN and see significant results without overpaying. A global CDN provides a single integrated platform to deal with different operations over numerous regions. Therefore CDNs are highly recommended for organizations with tight budget.

    4. 100% availability
Since assets are distributed over several edge servers in many servers, CDN technology keeps tabs on how traffic is distributed, and automatically redirects users on servers that work. Thus, website is always available even during power outage, hardware or network issues.

    5. Offload server
Strategic placement of CDN servers can decrease the load on the origin server and decrease the cost of delivery. That excludes the risk of site breakdown and increases security of the server.

    6. 24/7 client support
Quality CDN providers always do their best to ensure perfect customer support around the clock. There is always a team to back up and help out. Whenever you have some issues, simply contact agents and explain your situation. CDN is not just a system of servers – it is added up with the whole gamut of services.

    7. Analytics
Content delivery network not only helps with content transfer, it also provides valuable statistics, shows weak and strong sides of your online business and reveals the recent trends. CDNs show real-time load statistics, the most active regions, popular assets and details of your customers. This information is important, because it allows optimizing your website and develop further on. Detailed reporting boosts performance and helps to achieve better user experience and improve conversion rates.

There are many reasons to order CDN, and all of them result into one thing: better conversion, more loyal customers.

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