How Mobile-CDNs improve the reach of Content Delivery Networks
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Since mobile networks work slower than fixed broadband networks, there can be delays and high latency during Internet connection. One of available and versatile solutions of loading boosting is a CDN (content delivery network). But while they help to accelerate fixed broadband networks, most of them appear to be ineffective in mobile networks. As far as CDN networks work from outside the mobile network, round-trip-time appears to be too long. The root of the problem lies in the fact that mobile networks are “centralized”, e.g. mobile traffic is transferred via the core network.

Methods of mobile data acceleration

Current mobile acceleration solutions work either outside of mobile network, or within the core network. These include the full spectrum of technologies: video optimization with transrating, sharing and pacing, TCP flow control, content caching, optimizations and so on.

However, the efficiency of these methods is limited by current network latency. Add to this lack of visibility into congestion cause, and it will turn out that it’s impossible to make quick adjustments according to ever-changing network conditions.

 The close is the better

Modern providers take new steps and use innovative approaches in content acceleration for mobile networks. Some open-RAN platforms operate within 4G mobile base stations. But providing content from local access network is one thing, what about mobile users? Providers’ CODS nodes in the core of networks guarantee transparency in the core network and mobile devices, and allow preserving core network functions.

 CDN benefits for mobile operations

Some providers also leverage CDN-Extend technology that provides an open-RAN platform allowing server-side applications to function within the RAN. It gives third party CDN networks the opportunity to operate within the mobile base station, transfer data inside the mobile network and get information about congestion status in real time. The benefits of such technology are the following:
  1. Improved mobile user experience. When content is served from the mobile base station, round-trip time is minimized, which boosts bandwidth efficiency and response times.
  2. New services. Leveraging CDN services into the network provides new CDN services for mobile users. Now mobile operators can work with well-established CDN providers to deliver premium services and ensure high quality of experience.
  3. Cost efficiency. By serving content from radio access network, mobile CDN reduces backhaul traffic and transport network. Besides, video delivery optimization performed after real-time data analysis can greatly boost radio utilization.
Mobile CDN provides operators with the opportunity to improve mobile user experience and provide clients with premium services.

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